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How Dodao dApp works

At the moment, you can test the Devopsdao WebApp on or download latest Android release, later we will release for iOS and Microsoft.

  1. First get some Moonbase Alpha DEV test tokens from the faucet

  2. Open the dApp, connect your wallet support us

  3. Creating a Job

Create a Job to find matching performers support us

  1. Minting in the Blockchain

After your Job is minted in the Blockchain, Performers can apply. support us

  1. Tasks exchange page

Performers can find all open Tasks on Tasks exchange page. support us

  1. Customer page

Customer finds all Tasks on Customer page. support us support us

  1. Performer page

Perfomer find all applied Tasks on Performer page. support us

  1. Auditor page

At certain stages of the Task both the customer and performer can request an audit. support us