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Multiplying Gitcoin grant with Dodao

A project has received a $55k grant on and wants to make its consumption visible to the community.

They split their work to tasks on and fund each it them with a part of the grant, for most of the tasks they select their own developers based on their project NFT tag and their wallet ID.

And for some tasks they don't have the developer with a relevant skill profile so they will accept community performers to take these tasks, they also have created few tasks for public funding via because it was extra ideas which didn't fit into the original grant allocation.

Whilst implementing the tasks and reaching planned milestones, the project drowe some attention of community and most of the tasks got some extra funding, giving the developers a nice tip to be even more motivated to work on the project, also the extra tasks were fully funded making $27k additional investment which was used for the benefit of the project.