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About Dodao

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The mission of Dodao is becoming a major dApp platform for software development in the blockchain community – not only because of its innovative technology, but also because of its community full of experts and vision. Dodao will be owned and governed by developers. We have been inspired by the low gas fees and speed of Moonbeam network and its compatibility with ERC20, and strongly believe that traditional recruitment processes in an epoch of post-covid shift from offices to home-office work needs to be changed and decentralized.

That we have won a prize on the first hackathon weh ave joined is a good sign we are on the right way. Find more information here. Why Dodao?

There is no other project comparable to ours currently in the market. We are launching as a fully decentralized mobile app available on iOS, Android and also on Microsoft, MacOS and Linux. Dodao dApp Testing Program This kind of people we are looking for

Passionate about technology and believes in Blockchain solutions.
Want to get involved with the Dodao team and help the project grow.
Interested in networking with other people in the Blockchain community
You are excited to impact the growth of Dodao

You are interested in

Testing our dApp
Software Development
Blockchain Development
Technical Writing
Impact on Dodaos growth
Exchange of experiences with like-minded people

Apply here to become a dApp Tester of Dodao What is the Dodao dApp Testing Program about?

Become a Dodao Tester

Apply to become a Dodao dApp Tester. Fill out the Form to start the process now.

Onboarding of our Testers

After we selected you, you get access to dedicated groups, step by step Instructions and support in your testing journey.

Start testing the dApp

Follow our Insructions, find bugs, suggest improvement ideas and help Dodao become a dApp making fun while using it.

Give us Feedback

Be an active part of the future of Dodao. Your Feedback will taken into account for further development. Become a dApp Tester Developer Program Benefits

As you help advance our vision for a serveless, Crosschain and multi-chain future, you’ll also benefit from:


Direct access to the Dodao team and leadership for guidance and support


Access to private Dodao developer Telegram group, Discord channel and regular calls with other team members and developers

Early Access

Priority access and first-call to whitelisting spots, events, bounties, hackathons, and more

Apply here to become a Tester

Learn how to try out our dApp

How to get some DEV test tokens

How to test Dodao as customer Find more technical details here: Our latest Blog Posts:

What is Dodao about?

Our Roadmap

Design Update

Web3 Library

How to get some DEV test tokens

How to test Dodao as customer Our Social Channels Speak with our Experts

Dodao is built by a smart team of blockchain and database engineers and project managers, passionate about improving and scaling blockchain technologies.