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Join the testnet of the first decentralised Job Exchange in the world as creator!

try as arts creator

Why Dodao?

There is no other project comparable to ours currently in the market. We are launching as a fully decentralized mobile app available on iOS, Android and also on Microsoft, MacOS and Linux.

We have won a prize on the first hackathon weh ave joined is a good sign we are on the right way. Find more information here. Apply now to become one of the first Dodao Creator! Who are you?

You are passionate about digital Content Creation
You are an experts in visual creation, sound creation or any kind of digital content creation
You are an Influencer with up to 2K followers on any social platform
You are interested in networking with other people in the Blockchain community
You are excited to get become one of the first creators on Dodao

What you´ll do

Testing of Dodao dApp
You create dedicated Content based on your expertise
You get access to private Discord Channels with like-minded people, all information you need and access to the team
being creative and professional in any kind of content creation for Dodao

Apply here to become an Arts-creator

Dodao Creator Benefits

Soon, we will announce why and how NFTs playing a big role for experts selling their expertise on Dodao. With participating in our Content Creator Program, you will get an NFT based on your provided Content Creation during the program.

Creator NFT

Get the chance to receive one of the first Creator NFTs being able to sell your work on Dodao.


You promote Dodao while we are in Testnet, we promote you when we are launching in Mainnet!

First NFT Owners

Experts needs NFTs to sell their expertise on Dodao. You will be one of the first NFT Owners!

Apply here How it works in Detail?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our public Discord Channel.

Application first

First you have to apply and provide first example work to get a chance to attend this program. We will review everything carefully.

Creator Onborading

If you passed the application process, you get access to our private Discord Content Creation Channels with all information you need and access to all calls.

Dodao Content Creation

Based on your expertise, you get dedicated content creation tasks with guidelines you have to follow. Let´s help each other building the future Dodao audience.

Access to our Reward Ranking

Weekly we share a reward ranking to ensure transparency and motivation. Based on your rewards, you receive an NFT and promotion based on your raking.

Get your Creator NFT

Receive your Creator NFT to ensure to be one of the first Creators selling their work on Dodao. Every Creator will need an Creator NFT.

Longterm benefits

Go on with your work, even when you have received your NFT already. Based on your Reward points, we will promote you during our mainnet launch. apply to become a Creator Speak with our Experts:

Dodao is built by a smart team of blockchain and database engineers and project managers, passionate about improving and scaling blockchain technologies.